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Sierra Leone
Jan/08 Sierra Leone and Tools of Change
Removing Unfreedoms Tools of change will collaborate with Wherever the Need--programme in eastern Sierra Leone to fund and facilitates community-led, sustainable and environmentally friendly projects. Using participatory leadership strategies, Tools of change will support the aims to supply water, sanitation and diversified livelihood options to enable those most in need find solutions to poverty that takes into account culture and background.

Impoverished communities in Sierra Leone devastated by years of war have little or no access to drinking water or livelihoods, resulting in high child mortality ( one in four children die) and water borne illnesses. This project will provide community organisations with equipment to restore basic services and appropriate livelihoods to their villages, supporting community-led strategies, women’s leadership, micro-finance and governance skills. Through this participatory process, communities will engage in identifying their priorities, overturn their barriers, and manage the investment in improved service provision. These activities will improve health, create economic viability and vision, and mobilise the community as a collective organisation with local authorities.

The overall aim of the project is to empower the people to improve the quality of life for their impoverished communities devastated by the impact of war. The first objective will be to support the empowerment process of the community, in particular women, to access water services in their endeavour to reduce illness and child mortality caused by water borne diseases. This will be achieved through grants to dig wells, provide hand pumps and build rainwater harvesting tanks. The construction of eco-sanitation toilets will further reduce the spread of water borne diseases. The second objective will be the creation of diversified livelihood options.

Livelihoods will generate local economies and support individuals, families and communities with the opportunity to manage their own services. These activities will include the provision of tools and training for beekeeping and seed for groundnut farming, and to build upon the dynamic women’s micro finance scheme. The third objective is to build the capacity of the communities to govern their decision making and determine inclusive strategies to achieve much needed policy reform. These activities will include participatory planning, governance, reporting, advocacy and leadership skills that will assist communities mobilise themselves and support local VLOM management and develop partnerships with local authorities. In this way all the objectives will improve appropriate provision of services and quality of life
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